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It is a company operating in the USA. Kohl’s, which started its commercial activities in 1920, has now become one of the largest companies in the USA in selling clothing, electronics, furniture and other household goods. People who want to work here must be over the age of 17.

Kohl’s Job Opportunities

Kohls Application Online - Job Apply

Kohl’s has around 1200 stores and recruits both entry level and managerial positions. The positions you can work in the store include being in dialogue with customers and stocking products. The company’s human resources department generally looks at candidates applying for a job to have strong communication skills and positive attitudes. Of course, some qualifications specific to the position applied for are expected. Even if the job application is negative, you can apply to this company again in the future.

There are jobs that can be worked both part-time and full-time. The people working in the store should be in the section where the products are located and should answer correctly when the customer asks a question. They are responsible for arranging the store shelves and pricing if necessary. In some cases, you may need to lift certain weights.

Kohl’s Available Positions and Salary Info

Manager, Media Optimization & Attribution: The person who will take charge in this position should have detailed knowledge about media mixed modeling. However, it should have worked on multitouch association. In addition, he / she should have sufficient experience in media spend optimization. It must be able to properly direct a team that does all of this. Must have knowledge of data entry, model refreshes, and power association models, and be able to properly manage the MTA and MMM vendor relationship. Employees in the Kohl’s Manager, Media Optimization & Attribution position can earn a salary between $ 63k and $ 73k per year.

Assistant Store Manager: It is one of the main positions of the Store Management team. You will be responsible for both management and supervision of all positions in the company, not just one position. When necessary, when a new employee is to be recruited, the people who work in this position can also participate in the interview. It investigates the competitive situation regarding the products sold and presents it to the store manager in a report. People who will serve as Kohl’s Assistant Store Manager can earn between $ 59,913 and $ 63,913 a year. The information provided for this position is a summary, you can review the job posting for more details.

Cashier or POS Associate: In order for customers to purchase products, their main task is to initiate related purchases. The purchased product must be properly packaged and if there is any promotion, it must be told to the customer. People who work in Kohl’s POS associates position usually start with a minimum wage. In the future, they can receive salaries between $ 9.00 and $ 11.30 per hour. The people working here should take care of their clothing.

How to Apply for a Kohls Jobs

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