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Did you realize that Bekaert is already part of your life? You might know us from our bookbinding wire, which is an example of our nylon coated wires. Or maybe you know the champagne cork wire we produce. It is likely that your car tires are reinforced with Bekaert steel cord products, as one in every four tires in the world is. Or maybe you know our Dramix® steel fibers, used to reinforce over five million cubic meters of concrete every year?

Bekaert (, founded in 1880, is a global market leader in drawn steel wire products and applications, but also a technological leader in its two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings. Bekaert offers significant added value for various businesses in all kinds of markets: from automotive to construction and from utilities to the heavy equipment sector. Bekaert(Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with headquarters in Belgium, employing 25 000 people worldwide and serving customers in 120 countries. Bekaert pursues sustainable profitable growth in all its activities through a strategic focus on innovation, emerging markets and fast growing industries.

We’d be even stronger with you. And vice versa.

They say great minds think alike. So imagine the power of more than 25 000 people around the world all thinking together. In over 120 countries, Bekaert devotes this combined brainpower to solving huge challenges in advanced metal transformation, advanced materials and coatings. Because, like everything we do, we believe that innovation is something that’s done better together.

That’s why working at Bekaert means working in a unique environment where local and international talent truly work and win together. Where people are encouraged to share their experiences and take real responsibilities. Where research and development are self-evident and embedded in the company’s culture. And where you can leave your personal mark on every cutting-edge project, wherever your international career will bring you.

Of course, you will work under the best possible conditions. And your performance will be well rewarded. So if you have the drive, the talent and the individuality to advance ideas that can change the lives of thousands of customers around the world, we know just the place to come and do it. Wherever you’re from, don’t you think we’re better together?

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